Shiva Medicare Limited

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                                                                          Shiva Medicare Limited was incorporated on 2nd December, 1991. Its mission is to deliver very best to its shareholders and employees bearing in mind its commitment to the welfare of the society at large. It values are all about integrity and commitment.

                                                            Shiva Medicare Limited is a professionally managed company with an independent Board of Directors who are not only dynamic in their respective fields of excellence, but also bring in a rare brand of expertise and commitment to the company.

                                                            Shiva Medicare Limited has remain unperturbed and will continue to grow, as greed is not our driving force, viewing ourselves as facilitators in the process of financial empowerment of those in need.


Our Vision: 

Shiva Medicare Limited’s objective is to emerge as country’s most trusted doorstep for Medical and Healthcare services provider in the private sector with the lowest servicing cost to the customers. We will accomplish our objectives through our commitment to strategic growth, quality service and creation of self employment opportunities for more people.

Unique Distinction:

We are India’s leading Health care and Medical service provider in Private Sector with over 20 years of experience. 

Shiva Medicare Ltd. is being professionally managed by a host of eminent corporate leaders on the board with Mr. Amit Jain as the Chairman. 

We use Technology-based products for prompt services. We bring advice, insights and intellect along with capital augmentation and restructuring.

We are leader in generating excellent, enormous Self-Employment opportunities.

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